I was initially overwhelmed with the task of writing a resume, not knowing where to start, how to describe what I had done for so many years. Goldie took over and made a stressful situation into a relaxing one. Quickly we both started to highlight the important points of my professional career that allowed a truly telling profile of my work history. The whole experience felt like a productive collaborative experience.
Steven H., Director of Operations

As an executive recruiter, I can testify that the resumes prepared by Goldie Deutsch at Goldmine Solutions work. They are concise, powerful and easy to read.
I was successful in securing interviews for each candidate I presented.
Carol D., Executive Recruiter

Goldie was much more than someone who put my years of hard work into chronological order. She was an inspiration. My whole career I've always been the one encouraging my assistants and co-workers to get the best out of them. Then I met Goldie and she gave ME the pep talk and lifted my spirits when I needed it. When you hire Goldie you'll get more than a professional looking and sounding resume. You'll get a resume that you'll be confident with.
I highly recommend Goldie Deutsch.
Luis C., Dual Trader, New York Mercantile Exchange

Goldie gets you moving and motivated. A true professional, who works with you to produce an eye-catching and results-oriented product.  She was just what I needed when taking the next step in advancing my career -- and this is what I do for a living!  Don't procrastinate. Call her now and you will see how much you have accomplished in your life.
Arlene Y., Director of Human Resources  

As an officer, primarily responsible in overseeing and managing compliance issues within an organization, I was concerned about having a resume that would correctly convey my roles and responsibilities. Goldie took the time to grasp these concepts and portray them in a language that is easily understood by all levels of management. Thomas K., Compliance Officer